Research Projects

Towards Accessible and Inclusive Artificial Intelligence (AIAI): Building on Finnish and Indian Expertise, Experiences, and Diversity
Grace Eden

A consortium of experts and professional working technology for digital transformation of society with a focus on marginalized and vulnerable communities and user groups, on topics of Accessibility, Inclusion, and innovative technologies such as AI.

Robot-Assisted Diagnosis for Children with Autism
Jainendra Shukla

AI Empowered Attention Evaluation among Children with ADHD
Jainendra Shukla

Harnessing AI and Multimodal Data for Social Good
Rajiv Ratn Shah

In recent years, advances in artificial intelligence techniques haveyielded immense success in computer vision, natural language processing, and speech processing. Healthcare is also one of the areas which got much benefited through this. Mining social media messages for health and drug-related information has received significant interest in pharmacovigilance research. For instance, an analysis of social media text (e.g., tweets, posts, and comments) using natural language processing and machine learning techniques helps in finding the adverse drug reactions, suicidal ideation, depression detection, medical information extraction, etc. Moreover, computer vision and machine learning techniques help the automatic detection of different disease from tissue images. For instance, it has shown immense success in the detection of cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, etc. Furthermore, speech processing in conjunction with artificial intelligence has shown great success in the treatment of people. Moreover, artificial intelligence helps in building systems for people with different abilities. At MIDAS@IIITD, we focus on several such interesting research problems (e.g., kidney glomeruli classification, automatic kidney fibrosis assessment, adverse drug reactions, and suicidal ideation ) leveraging deep learning techniques. Our recent papers in this area are published in top-tier conferences and journals such as IEEE Intelligent Systems, NAACL, etc.