Design and innovation capacity building in India

Primarily, this project is set up to contribute to the modernization efforts of the industrial design and creative sectors of India through enhanced quality of educational services and future human resources, that are built on transfer of educational curriculum content and good practices from EU Programme Countries.

The Sustainable Lifestyles Accelerator Catalyzing Change (ACCELERATOR)

IIIT Delhi is partnering with 5 European nations and Mexico on the three year Sustainable Lifestyles Accelerator (SLA) Project, funded by KR Foundation Denmark. The Project was kicked off at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy Germany, the lead partners, earlier this year, with the stated goal of achieving sustainable cultural lifestyles without giving up on the idea of a good life and a better standard of living.

Harnessing AI for Speech Reconstruction using Multi-view Silent Video Feed

Speechreading broadly involves looking, perceiving, and interpreting spoken symbols. It has a wide range of multimedia applications, such as surveillance, Internet telephony, and as an aid to a person with hearing impairments. However, most of the work in speechreading has been limited to text generation from silent videos. Recently, research has ventured into generating (audio) speech from silent video sequences but there have been no developments in using multiple cameras for speech generation.

Empowering Community Health Workers through Mobile Learning Platforms

There are strong evidences for the contribution of community health workers in improving the maternal and child health in under-served populations. India implements the ASHA program on national level, reaching to a scale of 1,00,000 workers and view the program as a cornerstone strategy under public health. However due to critical shortage of trainers and infrastructure, there are challenges in updating the skills of ASHA on routine basis using traditional training methods.

RISAP – Real-time Interactive Software for Audiovisual Performance

This research project investigates multiple components for generating and interacting with real-time audio and visual media.

Space identification and navigation in augmented reality

In this work, we address the two main topics of navigation and space identification within the context of augmented reality. Creating navigable digital assets from real-life buildings is a cumbersome task. We present a mostly automated pipeline to create such replicas from architectural blueprints. We discuss a coherent procedural approach to build the topological information required for navigation, and a semi-automatic generation of hierarchical tags for identification of spaces.

Real-time immersive medical volume visualization

In this project, we propose a virtual reality (VR) based immersive walkthrough inside a CT or MRI volume. State-of-the-art rendering algorithms are computationally expensive. This work explores high-quality rendering in real-time using graphics hardware.

Leveraging ICT for Menstrual Health Education in India

The socio-cultural norms present in India inhibit discussing subjects that are considered taboo. Menstruation, a natural phenomenon is explained in hushed tones as it treated as a conversational taboo in Indian society. At the same time not having authentic information and inability to freely discuss taboo health topics, affects the understanding and give rise to misconceptions – adolescents are particularly vulnerable. Pubescent and Prepubescent girls are shrouded in myth, superstition and various restrictions about menstruation and menstrual health.