Aman Parnami
Assistant Professor (HCD)

Ph.D. (2017), Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta

Research Areas: Wearable Computing, Design Research, Education Technology

Teaching Interests: Maker-Oriented Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, Wearable Computing, Interactive Product Design

Aman Samuel
Guest Faculty (HCD)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in System Management, University of Madras

Teaching Interests: Game Design, Digital Audio, Audio-Visual

Anoop Ratn
Visiting Faculty (HCD)

MFA, Teerthanker Mahaveer University

Teaching Interests: Animation Film Making, Gaming, Concept Arts

Grace Eden
Assistant Professor (HCD)

DPhil (2012), University of Oxford

Research Areas: Fieldwork for Design, Human-Machine Interaction, Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction, Speculative Design, Participatory Design of Emerging Technologies

Teaching Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, Speculative Design, Qualitative Research in HCI

Indrani De Parker
Visiting Faculty (HCD)

Ph.D. (2020), IIT- Mumbai

Teaching Interests: Design Drawing, Visual Design, Design Fundamentals, Design Thinking Processes, Design Concerns and Context, Design Perspectives, Notion of the Self for the Designer

Jainendra Shukla
Assistant Professor (CSE, HCD)

PhD (2018), Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV), Spain

Research Areas: Human-Robot Interaction, Affective Computing, Machine Learning

Teaching Interests: Social Robotics, Affective Computing

Pushpendra Singh
Professor (CSE, HCD)

Ph.D. (2004), Inria-Rennes, University de Rennes 1, France

Research Areas: Mobile Systems and Applications, Middleware, Human-Computer Interaction, ICT for Development

Teaching Interests: Operating Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Networks, Mobile Computing

Rajiv Ratn Shah
Head (HCD),
Assistant Professor (CSE, HCD)

Ph.D. (2017), National University of Singapore, Singapore

Research Areas: Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, Multimedia Systems, NLP, Speech processing

Teaching Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Information Retrieval, Multimedia Computing & Applications

Sadhvi Thukral Kapoor
Teaching Fellow (HCD)

M.Des., (2017) Industrial Design: Specialising in Ceramic and Glass Design, National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad